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January 17, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
The Wellness Wheel
5752 N Broadway
Gladstone, MO 64118
Audrey Parker

Pick a 25 minute session to come relax and revitalize your brain with this advanced technology to help melt away stress!

This is part of The Wellness Wheel’s 3rd Friday Event. Have a session and enjoy art, vendors, other healing providers, music and snacks.

Does it seem impossible to meditate?
Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Come relax and reboot with a light and sound session that will help you experience the benefits of deep meditative relaxation.

It’s so simple and effortless and many report feeling refreshed and revitalized after a 25 minute session.

Binaural beats, guided visualization, 10-cycle holographic music, light pulses through the retina and ear meridians and isochronic tones are the key elements that induce brainwave entrainment.

Light and sound therapy can help support you with stress reduction, lifestyle changes and creating new behaviors.

A few Options:
* Creating Abundance
*Expand Consciousness
*Loosing Weight
*Sleep better
*Reduce negative effects of stress
*Do away with unwanted habits and behaviors
*Enhanced productivity, memory, focus, creativity
*Improved quality of life

Whole body wellness starts with your brain. This powerful and effective tool is designed to help you achieve balanced brainwave states to enhance production of all the necessary neurotransmitters needed for optimal function of the body and mind.

Full 25 minute Healing Session only $10 for the event

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