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April 19, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Karen Carmack

Please join us in this unique Third Friday event as we Support artist Heather Inez Benoit as she rallies community support for an exciting new adventure. On Nov. 1st, Heather will be seeing her lifelong dream become a reality as she opens a boutique on 39th Street. After 20 years in business, Merri Morningstar will be retiring from Herb Garden Too and will be passing the torch to Heather. Heather’s vision for this business will include the already existing herbs, oils and crystals and build on it with local art and boutique fashion. She also intends to host workshops on various topics to empower women in her community.

Thanks to the generous support of her friends at The Wellness Wheel, Heather will have her art, jewelry and everything she can think of for sale to bring in the last bit needed to make this dream a reality on this night! Every penny raised will go directly into the business. 🙂

Please welcome back Alan White long-time singer/songwriter who has been a Kansas City favorite for many years.


Music by Jason Vivone

“KC bluesman Jason Vivone is a storyteller extraordinaire, telling tales that can make you laugh or cry, sing along or sit and think. Perhaps it is too simplistic though to call him a “bluesman” as he definitely pushes the blues envelope not just beyond the traditional boundaries, but beyond many traditional offshoots as well. His music backdrops are eclectic – he is unafraid to break away from any blues purist ideology and twist the music into his own signature version of it”

– MW, Music Morsels